VOCALS & GUITAR Ian has a raw, soulful, bluesy vocal style. He has performed as a singer with bands including Souled Asylum and Soul Funkin' Hot. After a break of 15 years, Ian has returned to playing guitar, as well as singing with Reloaded. His musical influences include an array of artists crossing the spectrum of jazz, blues, soul, rock, folk..... and anything else you can imagine.

LEAD GUITAR Jim thinks he has been playing guitar for over 25 years! That's quite a long time is'nt it! He has played in a number of high performing rock and soul bands and looks forward to adding 'Reloaded' to that list. Likes any decent music usually with a guitar in it! And is well into Led Zepplin, The Doors, The Cult, Aerosmith and Pearl Jam.

VOCALS Lisa is an accomplised singer having been a key member of two of Aberdeens best soul bands, Souled Asylum and Soul Funkin Hot! Her main musical influences are Aretha Franklin, Bruno Mars, Emile Sande and anything that makes you want to dance. Music has always played an important part in her life and being married to Jim certainly makes for a musical family in the Thompson household!

DRUMS I'm Foxbeats...I don't smoke but I like Drum rollies...My favourite band is Queen and my favourite drummer is Sooty (Search YouTube for his drum duel with Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden).

BASS GUITAR Dino’s laterally mobile music career was abruptly interrupted by over ten years of playing for The Son Henry Band. Since then, what used to be a hobby has gotten severely out of hand; he also plays prog, rock and blues for Sofa, Red Dawg and Rudy & The Hard Times. If left unattended for even the briefest moment, Dino stops whatever he should be doing and plays music by Victor Wooten!

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